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Covid-19 and CIDC Programs for 2021


The pandemic hit Puerto Vallarta in March 2019 and CIDC closed its Clinics and projects in the hope we could return safely in 2021. We are here, in a limited capacity but many of our volunteers have not been able to come this season. Nevertheless, our presence helps to build hope at a time when many are feeling abandoned and hopeless.


Beans and Rice Campaign


The country shut down and with that many people lost their jobs. Food shortages were a reality and hunger was a daily curse. Staying home and not working meant fewer people died of Covid but they were threatened with hunger, malnutrition and days without food. CIDC fundraised through the Summer and Fall of 2020 to supply food to our partners doing food distribution. Thanks to our generous donors and La Vina Ministry we were able to help feed many hungry people. In some weeks La Vina Ministry distributed 400 - 500 bags of food.

Derksen Dental Clinic

Under the guidance of Dr. Harold Gretzinger, we have spent the last few months upgrading and buying new equipment and PPE, learning new protocols and outfitting ourselves to be able to practice dentistry actually exceeding the standards currently being used in Canada and the US.

We are now scheduling dental clinics for 6th January through April 2021 for half days on Wednesdays and Fridays, excluding public holidays. Full days and additional days are optional if we have the volunteer staff. We need dentist professionals, hygienists and assistants. You may want to visit the Derksen Clinic to check out the new equipment or familiarize yourself with our practices.

Home Building

Compassionet Impact Canada is funding a home building project for a family of five who found themselves homeless a week before Christmas when their landlord sold the house in which they were living. Building Casa Wendi gives jobs to five construction workers, feeds their families and fulfills the dreams of the family receiving the home. We hope to be able to build one more home this season.



CIDC starts to build Casa Perla!

MEET PERLA, one of the most beautiful women in Mexico. Perla and her husband were both blinded by cancer. They live in one small room with their two teenage sons and their daughter. Their living situation is pure misery but this courageous couple have regular part time jobs and the three children are all good students.
We were introduced to them in February 2019 by a charity in Vallarta that assists families with children with cancer. Both Perla’s sons have each lost an eye to cancer already.


After several unsuccessful attempts CIDC has bought a building lot on which we will soon build them a real home. We need your support to complete the new house for them.



tropical-bird-climber-1332136_960_720 (1

Ramona and her Family are home at last!


Compassionet Impact Development Canada has just finished building a two story house for this family of five who were about to become homeless when we first met them. Two family members have disabilities that make life in Mexico a hard struggle.

Antonio, our builder did a superb job. The family will be able to add paint and plaster and some finishing touches to make it their very own. A huge thank you to our generous donors who made this possible.




The Derksen Dental Clinic needs volunteer dentists and hygienists.

If you are a dentist, dental assistant or dental hygienist consider volunteering at the Clinic for a half-day or full day per week while you are in Puerto Vallarta.


Dentists - The work in our clinic is limited to examinations, taking periapical or bitewing xrays, routine extractions, restorations, cleanings, charting, and fluoride treatments. The clinic does not do: any crown and bridge work, dental implants, deeply impacted teeth near important anatomical structures, periodontal surgery, complete or partial dentures, pathology, or endodontics.

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