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Programs and Projects

Housing Security

Compassionet Impact Development Canada builds houses and repairs homes for families who live in shacks or are homeless, with special priority for families of persons with disabilities, the elderly and women single heads of households. Families receive a free gift of their home and title that ensures their ownership.

Tourist development has driven up land prices on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta.  For example, a small plot of land measuring 40 feet by 24 feet, with no services, costs about $15,000 - $25,000 Canadian dollars and interest rates for housing loans are often 20% or more.  Many families squat on their land for years as they make payments before they become land owners and can begin to build a proper home.  In the meantime, they survive in wood and tarpaper shacks and lean-to shelters that are hot in summer, wet in the rainy season and a haven for scorpions and bugs.

Building Hope and Homes

Moving from a cardboard and tarpaper shack to a real house transforms lives forever. Children are healthier and can stay in school while having a place to study, and parents are less stressed and are blessed with dignity and renewed hope. A simple concrete block house costs as little as $20,000, plus extra to secure the land, but results in an invaluable metamorphosis for families and future generations.

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Canadian and US volunteers work alongside Mexican construction workers. Giving a day, a week or a month changes our perspectives and builds relationships. The building projects provide employment for the Mexican workers and many supplies are purchased in the area to support the local economy.

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