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If you are a dentist, dental assistant or dental hygienist consider volunteering at the Clinic for a half-day or full day per week while you are in Puerto Vallarta.

1. Dentists - The work in our clinic is limited to examinations, taking periapical or bitewing xrays, routine extractions, restorations, cleanings, charting, and fluoride treatments. The clinic does not do: any crown and bridge work, dental implants, deeply impacted teeth near important anatomical structures, periodontal surgery, complete or partial dentures, pathology, or endodontics.

Each dentist must have a current license in some jurisdiction in the USA or Canada. Please email a copy of the license to Dr. Gretzinger (


2. Dental Assistants - Must be familiar with sterile technique, tray set-up, autoclaving, suctioning and retracting, cleaning and maintaining instruments, re-stocking supplies, administering Fluoride treatments, and taking radiographs.


3. Dental Hygienists - Scaling and root planing of teeth. Ultra sonic cleaning of teeth using a Woodpecker U/S cleaner, polishing teeth with rubber cup and pumice, taking radiographs, and administering Fluoride treatments.


4. Spanish Interpreters - Greeting patients, helping them fill out medical history forms, obtaining a short history of the presenting complaint, phoning patients on a short list for patients who cancel at the last minute, relaying post-op instructions to the patients, dispensing pain killers and anti-biotics on the order of the Dentist.
Reviewing a list of Spanish dental terms will help with the interpretations prior to the first day (we will supply this).


FOR MORE INFORMATION please private message Liz McWeeny or email to


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